Hello! I'm Minor Cortés

Hey, I’m Minor. I’m a creative wedding photographer based in Costa Rica. My goal is to capture weddings creatively but also to document your day in a relaxed way. Making sure you book a photographer who’s work you connect with is super important. I love telling stories through photography, so I offer nice packages that can document the big day. I’m so fortunate to do what I do. I get to meet awesome couples and photograph one of the biggest days of their lives! It really is a wonderful feeling to capture such momentous moments.

I love documentary photography and this is embedded into my style when shooting weddings. My approach to weddings is simple. To capture everything I see. You never know when a great moment is about to happen, so I make sure to always have my camera by my side ready to photograph these special moments.

Whenever I speak with with couples about photographing their wedding, I always hear the same thing. They tell me that they love how natural my images are. This is all down to the way I shoot and the trust that my couples have with me. When I shoot weddings I like to capture all the emotion of the day.

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