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Why designers should learn photography? 8 reasons here

1. If you have a certain idea for a design you can control many things such as the angle, perspective, and lighting inView full post »

5 Important tips for Black & White Photographs

Monochrome photographs are timeless, especially black and white photographs. They enhance emotional substance and haveView full post »

Introduction to ISO

ISO… what exactly is that obtuse and confusing number on a roll of film? What does it mean in regards to digitalView full post »

10 Things For New Lightroom Users

(1) Use Solo Mode To Tame All Those Panels New users can get really flustered by scrolling up and down the list ofView full post »

Pixlr Online Editor

Pixlr is a free online photo editor which can be used directly from you browser. You can fix, adjust and filterView full post »