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Why designers should learn photography? 8 reasons here

1. If you have a certain idea for a design you can control many things such as the angle, perspective, and lighting inVer post completo »

5 Important tips for Black & White Photographs

Monochrome photographs are timeless, especially black and white photographs. They enhance emotional substance and have aVer post completo »

Introduction to ISO

ISO… what exactly is that obtuse and confusing number on a roll of film? What does it mean in regards to digitalVer post completo »

10 Things For New Lightroom Users

(1) Use Solo Mode To Tame All Those Panels New users can get really flustered by scrolling up and down the list of openVer post completo »

Pixlr Online Editor

Pixlr is a free online photo editor which can be used directly from you browser. You can fix, adjust and filterVer post completo »